Author: Bine Rodenberger

I came to SecondLife 3/3/2007. I have tried a lot of the different things SL has to offer. Now my main focus is on my SIM Binemust and the maintenance of that

23. April 2018 / Fantasy Faire
22. April 2018 / Fantasy Faire
18. April 2018 / Fantasy Faire
2. April 2018 / Vimmershavn

Vimmershavn opened to the public in July last year, but now it’s time for something different. Which is why Vimmershavn will be closing it’s doors on May 1st.

1. April 2018 / Machinima

We went to a TJ Oanomochi Concert last night, and I wanted to make a nice picture, but it never really happened like I wanted it and before we could say click, the concert was over and TJ had packed her stream away.