A Water SIM – I want one…

Ever since Embryo disappeared, I have long for a water SIM. Embryo disappeared a while back, but luckily a lot of Flickr photos from the SIM still exist. What I really liked about Embryo, was that every time I went there, it had changed. It was beautiful and arty, and I really loved it.

The other day I came across [Imagination], Guana Cay – a wonderful water SIM. When you get there, you land in a welcome area from where you can venture out on the SIM. There are little isle of land where you will find trees, bushes, pose-balls and inspired use of props.

I am very inspired by [Imagination], Guana Cay. I plan to do something similar to Binemist. I just need to plan it right, so my SIM won’t be off the grid for too long. I have noticed that Binemist has a lot of visitors and some of them are regulars. I don’t want to put anyone out.

You can visit [Imagination], Guana Cay here: SLurl

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